"Bill" presented with a case of Erectile Dysfunction and low libido. Although he had seen urologists and other specialists both in New York and Vienna, and had taken meds. none of these things helped his problem. After just one hypnosis session, he sent Michael this note:

Dear Michael,

I wanted to write to tell you about last night. I felt quite aroused after our session, and later, when I masturbated in the evening, I had the firmest erection in many months, perhaps 4 years (when the problem began).

I am somewhat amazed on one hand and baffled on the other. How could I get such great results after one session! Or, was it a lucky stroke? I feel that it was the former.

I will call you soon re another session.

Best Regards,



"Deb" endured a lot of emotional abuse as a child and suffered from lifelong low-self esteem and feelings of worthlessness. Many years ago, she had seen another hypnotist who helped her lose 160 lbs. which was life-changing for her, yet she still felt plagued by lack of confidence and worthiness. She had two sessions with Michael.

Dear Michael,

I just have to tell you how FREE and confident I feel! I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. You did more for me in two sessions than years of therapy! I cannot thank you enough!



"Steve" was diagnosed years ago with a fatal case of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, an incurable neurological degenerative disease for which there is no cure, no drugs, no treatment. The life expectancy after diagnosis is twelve years at the maximum. Steve's wife, Kathy, came to Michael for stress and anger issues related to more than a decade of care-taking, bread-winning, and living with the knowledge that Steve would only get worse and eventually pass away. She, herself was getting ill from the pressure.

After a couple of sessions, she felt so relaxed and was so impressed by the efficacy of hypnosis, she asked Michael to try to help her husband in some way, even if just to relax him enough to be able to sleep comfortably.

When Michael met Steve, he was confined to a wheelchair and had uncontrollable repetitive body tics. His facial muscles were so weak, he could barely speak and he drooled constantly.

When the first session was over, Michael asked him how he felt. In perfectly enunciated English he said, "I feel great!" The next day, Kathy reported that the tics were almost gone. They were both amazed. Michael subsequently had four more sessions with Steve.

Two years later, (14 years after diagnosis), Steve is not only walking on his own but hiking, gardening, walking the dogs. His speech is clear and the tics have all but disappeared.

Kathy writes:

"Steve's neurologists can't believe that not only is he still alive, but that he seems to have actually gotten better. Most doctors are unfamiliar with this disease as it's so rare, so I was surprised and impressed with the amount of research Michael put into this illness before meeting him. That Steve is once again able to do some of the things he loved before and has been unable to do for many years is such a gift!

I recommend Michael highly as someone who is deeply sincere in his desire to help others and dedicated to his work. We are both very pleased."